Gramofony Gold Note


  • If you want a turntable with great looks, easy handling, practicality and great sound, you really must consider this stunning Italian. All the technical stuff tucks neatly out of sight and all the necessary anti-vibration measures were applied in the most elegant way possible. Looks and brains combine to offer a great musical experience.... [Czytaj więcej]

  • Able to provide crisp detail without sounding bright and an attention-demanding focus without sounding compressed, the Mediterraneo sounds mature in its sonic approach. It also successfully promotes confidence because this turntable always sounds in control of the sonic situation.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Paul Rigby
  • Mediterraneo brzmi i wygląda powodując wrażenia jakie mogą wywołać tylko włoskie produkty najwyższej jakości. Elegancja, styl i wiele lat doświadczeń... [Czytaj więcej]

    High Fidelity
  • I highly recommend this turntable to anyone looking for a turntable in its price range, or above. Bellissimo, Gold Note!... [Czytaj więcej]

    Enjoy the Music
  • Truly, the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage is a stunning bargain, and the partnering Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable is an absolute delight. I'm fully confident that anyone hearing the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage and Mediterraneo turntable will agree that both deliver sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dean Seislove
  • All my music sounded simply wonderful. Clean and ever so there with a lively presence that was fast on its feet… pace and rhythm. Details were in evidence and aplenty, though they were not forced or in the least bit analytical.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dave Clark
  • More general comparisons spring to mind, it has great pace without being frenetic (for example an Orbe lacks pace and a Xerxes lives for it), it keeps vocalists centre stage rather than pushing them slightly back like the Pro-Ject and has a nice way with imaging, not the biggest or widest soundstage, but something realistic and more important utterly stable.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Geoff Husband
  • Mediterraneo combines aesthetic appeal, elegance and modern design with the future in mind, thinking shapes and great materials. This combination is able to offer a gentle, powerful but still detailed sound, very well balanced throughoutthe bandwidth.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Miroslav Maglen
  • Beauty and engineering are combined to make the kind of turntable that can answer to the desire of enthusiats to listen very well to music as much to be pleased of such beautiful piece of art to play vinyl.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Giulio Salvioni
  • Gold Note manufactures the Mediterraneo turntable that features a plinth that greatly remind Tuscany's smooth hills and sea.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Ansgar Hatscher


  • Piękny, a jednocześnie skromny w wyrazie gramofon o brzmieniu, które najprościej można określić jako piękne, naturalne i emocjonalnie angażujące.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Marek Dyba, AV.TEST
  • The interplay of the violins was particularly engaging and this combined with the turntable’s inherent grasp of tone made for a real musical treat.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jason Kennedy
  • It’s a breathtaking example of what happens when an established company that makes $100K+ vinyl rigs applies cutting-edge designs and advanced engineering knowledge to their more sensibly priced ‘tables.... [Czytaj więcej]

  • Classy under every point of view and with solid performances, it's well positioned on the price tag for such quality. Giglio is a real seducer and its beautiful lines will guide you toward many refined listening sessions.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Pierre Fontaine


  • This pretty, well-built guy plays a lot, much better than you'd expect. The clever power supply gives the belt drive sound almost a direct drive characteristic with spur strength, lots of dynamism and emphasis....

    Roland Kraft
  • To perfekcjoniści, którzy wyszli od ładnych, ale całkiem klasycznych produktów, w których starali się osiągnąć dźwięk swoich marzeń, a które wraz z czasem dopracowywali nie tylko od strony brzmieniowej, ale również estetycznej.... [Czytaj więcej]

    High Fidelity


  • Valore 425 Plus in on HVT in The Netherlands with another great review! (text in Dutch only)...

    Edouard Hendrix
  • That it combines real-world user friendliness with a sonic performance that is almost unfailingly impressive means that this has to be seen as a very capable new arrival....

    Ed Selley
  • I was pleasantly surprised at how transparent this transparent turntable was. Detail was extremely quick and vivid.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Janine Elliot
  • Valore Plus 425 will snoop at both ends of the sound spectrum with the talent of a true detective. It offers a true range of colours that does justice to the instruments.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Pierre-Yves Maton


  • Gold Note ist mit dem Ensemble aus Plattendreher Valore 425 Lite und Tonabnehmer Vasari Gold MM ein sehr musikalisches System gelungen, das ohne großen Aufwand installiert ist und mit viel Gefühl und Mut aufzuspielen weiss...

    Alex Röser
  • Bardzo ciekawa propozycja dla kogoś, kto początek winylowej przygody ma już za sobą i chciałby pójść krok wyżej.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Paweł Nowak,


  • W swojej cenie to świetna wkładka, która będzie w stanie zadowolić fanów właściwie każdego rodzaju muzyki.... [Czytaj więcej]

    High Fidelity
  • Donatello Red is a sonically highly interesting, lightweight, yet robustly built high-output moving coil with clever technology and light-footed, powerful and homogeneous sound!...

    Roland Kraft
  • Stable. Articulate. Fun. Resolving. Engaging. Style. Beautiful.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dave Clark
  • The Donatello is easy to set up, tracks difficult musical passages with ease and sounds great. What else could you want? It’s become my new reference in the thousand-dollar cartridge category!... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jeff Dorgay


  • For many, when you ask them to complete the sentence “Italian high performance….” they might say “cars, Ferrari,” or “bikes, Ducati.” Yet after living with a few of their phono cartridges for a while, I suggest adding “audio, Gold Note” to the end of that sentence.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jeff Dorgay
  • Stereo magazine reviews Machiavelli Red & the Electrocompaniet ECG1 - text in German with English abstract.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Matthias Böde



  • Tuscany Gold had a fine, beautifully balanced sound free of gross colorations, and it's well designed and built....

    Michael Fremer
  • Red and Gold are mature, refined products and share the enticing qualities of MC’s: great balance across the spectrum and absence of artificial bass bump and with airy, natural transparency. They represent Gold Note’s focus on music.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Matej Isak
  • In depth review of first generation Tuscany by Audio - text in italian... [Czytaj więcej]

    Domenico Pizzamiglio


  • With decent cartridges in the four-figure range, what's the new audio enthusiast to do? Four words: Gold Note Vasari Gold. And you can get one for $385.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jeff Dorgay

Elektronika Gold Note




PH-1000 | Nowość

DS-10 | Nowość

  • Whoa! I exclaimed just minutes after my first listen to the DS-10. Is this thing really sounding as good as I think it is? The answer: yes.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jason V. Serinus
  • DS-10 prezentuje dojrzały, audiofilski dźwięk, ale co jest najbardziej zaskakujące, na poziomie jakiego możemy oczekiwać po drogich, wyspecjalizowanych odtwarzaczach CD.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Hi-Fi Class


  • The PH-10 also plays to its strengths on acoustic jazz where its tonal character and weight gave vocals and instruments a subly burnished glow... [Czytaj więcej]

    Stephen Scharf
  • I expected something of an extreme, either soft-sounding or very harsh and hard-edged. In fact, I got neither of these things.... [Czytaj więcej]

    HiFi+ Editor's Choice
  • It convinces with a really stirring performance that really puts vinyl in the spotlight, with all the dynamics and fine detail across the entire frequency range.... [Czytaj więcej]

    HiFi Blog
  • Gold Note’s PH-10 is a real gem for the money, it sounds exceptionally good… A real highlight of modern analogue technology, which deserves a penetrating recommendation.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Roland Kraft
  • Jeśli tylko rozglądacie się za phonostagem z okolic … 10 000 PLN, to w pierwszej kolejności posłuchajcie Gold Note PH-10 a może się okazać, że zaoszczędzone środki będziecie mogli przeznaczyć np. na upgrade wkładki. Aż strach pomyśleć, czego będzie w stanie dokonać ten niepozorny Toskańczyk po dołożeniu zewnętrznego zasilania.... [Czytaj więcej]

  • If tubes are so "last century" then the added functionality of Gold Note's features is the new millenia's tube rolling. Whereas some beauties require big sacrifices and are high maintenance, this Italian beauty is anything but. Recommended!... [Czytaj więcej]

    Larry Cox
  • Truly, the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage is a stunning bargain, and the partnering Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable is an absolute delight. I'm fully confident that anyone hearing the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage and Mediterraneo turntable will agree that both deliver sweet, sterling sound and exceptional value.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dean Seislove
  • This is a very special audio component that will fit the contexts and priorities of many system owners.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Mark Wheeler
  • We have had the PH-10 here for a decent enough time for me to say that, at $1390, it is a no-brainer. The unit is elegant throughout, works as advertised, and serves the music as any phono stage should.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dave Clark
  • It’s tough to believe that this is such a reasonably priced phonostage; it reveals a level of musical information I would expect from a much more expensive component.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jeff Dorgay
  • This machine is very highly recommended and I suggest you take a listen if you are in the process of purchasing a phono-stage, whatever the price.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Janine Smith
  • Una macchina ben concepita, flessibile e configurabile quasi senza limiti, ben costruita e, scusate se è poco, italiana.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Angelo Jasparro
  • This is a mighty, emotionally engaging musical box, that even without all the expandable accessories brings more then expected. A thrill and a fill!... [Czytaj więcej]

    Matej Isak


  • In my view, Gold Note has fulfilled the expectations of enthusiasts by producing a musically engaging and highly configurable integrated. At every level of execution, the Gold Note IS-1000 truly strikes the right note.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Neil Gader
  • If, by any chance, audio enthusiasts required further evidence of the generational shift that has fundamentally transformed the integrated amplifier segment, they need look no further than the Gold Note IS-1000... [Czytaj więcej]

    Neil Gader
  • Connectivity is comprehensive and I can see many having the IS-1000 as the hub of their entertainment system and having it not only for playing tunes saved on NAS/HDD or from streaming services, but also for putting the television through.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Hifi Pig
  • …this $5,000 beauty is a perfect solution for those wanting high quality, maximum versatility (did we tell you it has six digital inputs) and a convenient form factor.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Jeff Dorgay
  • If you suspect jewellery or fashion cloths behind the label Gold Note from Italy, you’d be wrong: with the IS-1000, the High-End luxury manufacturer from Florence presents an all-rounder of superlatives.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Roland Kraft
  • A single-box solution that pushes performance above the 90th percentile offered by separates but without the hassle and the tyranny of choice.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Phil Wright
  • This isn’t a traditional integrated amplifier, but one that reflects the requirements of audio enthusiasts in 2018, and if you are looking for an amp with a built-in network music streaming source, it makes a great deal of sense.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Hi-Fi Choice
  • Potrafi zagrać z rozmachem, dużym wolumenem, piękną barwą. Jest ciepły, nie ma co do tego wątpliwości i przypomina brzmienie niewielkich wzmacniaczy lampowych, tyle że z większą wydajnością prądową.... [Czytaj więcej]

    High Fidelity
  • One of the most important and overarching aspects of the IS-1000’s performance is that it feels like a single cohesive unit rather than a collection of elements partnered together in a nice-looking box.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Ed Sulley
  • All for one, one for all - this slightly modified Musketeers motto fits well with the Gold Note IS-1000.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Volker Frech
  • Gold Note IS-1000 is a Roon Ready device, fully compatible with multi-room systems and with a quick plug & play installation: simply connect IS-1000 to the network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and to the speakers, then explore the endless possibilities of music.... [Czytaj więcej]

  • Gold Note’s design for the IS-1000 features an all-in-one solution – barring speakers – with a high quality 120 watts per channel integrated amplifier based on the abovementioned high-end electronics, an MM/MC phono stage, a digital-to-analogue converter and a streamer.... [Czytaj więcej]


CD-1000 MKII

  • The Gold Note CD-1000 MkII is an exceptional performer and a marvelous choice for those with an extensive CD collection.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Rob Johnson
  • CD-1000 is available in China for the first time and here's a great review by SUPER AV! Text in Chinese only.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Changye Audio
  • CD-1000 to wulkan energii. Nie da się przy nim siedzieć obojętnie. Nawet jeśli słuchamy czegoś cicho, w podkładzie, co jakiś czas bezwiednie zaczynamy się wsłuchiwać w to, co dochodzi z kolumn (lub słuchawek).... [Czytaj więcej]

    High Fidelity
  • Now I realize how fast I became friends with the beautiful sound of the Gold Note CD-1000 and the PA-1175. Subtle but powerful, detailed but also silky soft, very spacious and stable. And full of character.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Max Delissen
  • It's gratifying when, once in a blue moon, one's own convictions shaped by more than a decade of hands-on experiments carry the day. If you still wonder what day that is: the analog bits of digital are far more important than the converter origins.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Srajan Ebaen
  • VUmètre enjoys the magic combination of great sound and great beauty of CD 1000 - text in french.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Pierre Fontaine
  • I have nothing but unconstrained praise for the sound quality it produced, which was absolutely outstanding! [...] my admiration for how great it made all the CDs in my collection sound simply increased with every disc I played.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Dean Shopes


  • With its new flagship preamp, Gold Note has effectively silenced the critics. Built like a brick autopsy, the P-1000 is an aesthetically gorgeous, intuitively user friendly, and articulate solid-state preamplifier.... [Czytaj więcej]

  • Gold Note's fully balanced preamplifier showed itself as a very high-resolution essentially neutral performer whose key strengths were tremendous depth of field, masterful untanglement of complex interludes and, directly related, very high magnification powers of subtle detail.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Srajan Ebaen
  • Questo apparecchio, per quanto ci si sforzi di sentirlo, non si sente. Sparisce, si imbosca. Apre un'autostrada tra sorgenti e finali, senza effetti collaterali. Questa caratteristica, la scomparsa all'ascolto, comporta dei costi che spesso sono molto elevati.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Angelo Jasparro

PA-1175 MKII

  • I had spent a long summer in Tuscany around Montalcino and subsequently seen Venice and Sicily. For hifi hardware, I'd now have this company's first new stereo amp in two decades. It's called PA-1175 where 'PA' is short for power amp.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Srajan Ebaen
  • Now I realize how fast I became friends with the beautiful sound of the Gold Note CD-1000 and the PA-1175. Subtle but powerful, detailed but also silky soft, very spacious and stable. And full of character. A subtle but clear 'sound' has been developed for the good listener.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Max Delissen
  • Gold Note PA1175 power amplifier has the courage to follow different directions and it does that well and showing at the same time its own character.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Ralph Werner


  • The PSU-10 is a simple upgrade to install but its effect is large indeed. If you’re looking at purchasing the PH-10, keep the power supply upgrade on your to-do list.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Paul Rigby
  • If you own the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage, this upgrade is A MUST, as it will immensely improve the already amazing sound you get from the phono stage.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Alex Gorouvein

Głośniki Gold Note


  • The longer I listened to these Italian boxes, the more impressed I became by the clear engineering smarts that were embodied in their mundane rectangularity. The A3-XL wasn't just a pretty face. It had high IQ, too.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Srajan Ebaen


  • A complete review of A6-XL speakers on Image Hi-Fi magazine - text in german with English excerpt.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Eric van Spelde


  • Based on this model, the company would be a success even if they made nothing but speakers.... [Czytaj więcej]

    Srajan Ebaen